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To: Pinckney Schools Parents and Guardians

Subject: Plans for elementary schools next year

Date: January 24, 2014


During the first half of our school year, we as a district spent a lot of time developing a deficit plan that will help provide a framework for financial sustainability for the years to come. Throughout this process, we were continually generating potential strategies to help minimize our expenditures in which some made it into our plan and some did not.

One of the major suggestions I proposed involved restructuring our two remaining elementary schools (Country & Farley), with one being a Pre,K,1 and the other a 2,3 building. The motivation for doing this was the potential for maximizing our staffing by putting all of the grades together in one building. At the same time, I knew that moving in this direction would create additional obstacles for our staff and parents, which is something I have spent the past two months researching and reflecting upon.

Over the course of the past 8 weeks, I have been gathering input from a variety of sources that include staff, administrators, parents, transportation director and board members about the pros and cons of moving in such a direction. During our longer than usual winter break, I spent a considerable amount of time evaluating what the best course of action for our district is longterm, knowing that a clear vision needed to be established upon returning to school in January.

At last nights board meeting, I announced to the board that our intentions are to keep both Country and Farley Elementary Schools K-3 buildings. Although there were many factors that were taken into consideration when making this decision, three primary concerns were the driving force behind coming to this resolution.

The first and probably the most difficult to overcome is the negative impact this change would have on our transportation of students. Susan Joerin (transportation director) and I spent a lot of time exploring several options and Susan even spent time visiting other districts such as Dexter and Chelsea to learn from their current systems. Unfortunately, every option we brainstormed would only complicate our existing transportation system, causing students to be on the bus even longer than they currently are now. Given we just had a major change this year going from a three-tiered system to a two-tiered, I don't feel comfortable asking our community to tolerate another major change.

The second issue we had to consider is the very unique special education programs we currently house in our schools such as the Discovery and Journey programs, which support students with complex learning needs. Changing the configuration to our buildings would require us to duplicate these programs in both schools, causing us to increase staffing. Obviously, this would be counterproductive in what we are trying to accomplish.

The final and in my mind, the most substantial reason not to change our schools is the potential risk of losing the community support and trust that I feel we have been gaining over the past four months. Although we have been making many big decisions that includes the closing of Lakeland Elementary, our community support and trust has increased and this is something we cannot lose. I firmly believe that if we changed the configuration of our elementary schools, we would be at great risk of losing the momentum we are gaining and if we do not have the support and trust of you, our community, we will not survive, let alone thrive.

Like I said, there are many other factors that I took into consideration in making this decision, but the three I stated were the primary factors. Our next steps are now to begin looking at how best to assign students to both Farley and Country, with the goal of minimizing this impact to our community as much as possible.

I will continue to keep our community informed as much as possible as we work in the upcoming weeks ahead on these very tasks. Thank you for your continued support as we move forward together.

Have a great weekend,

Rick Todd

Superintendent, PCS