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Groups Eligible for Facility Use:

Pinckney Community School District facilities may be used by the following classifications of groups:

Class I – General Description

  • Any organized group or organization directly connected with Pinckney Community Schools (e.g. Community Education, School Athletic Program, Student Councils, PTO, School Clubs
  • Employee groups conducting school or school related business, etc.).

Class II – General Description

  • Any organized non-profit group or organization within the school district boundaries whose purposes are civic, culture, fraternal, religious, or recreational in nature (e.g. Co-sponsored Community Education activities, Scout Groups, Historical Society, Community Athletic Organizations (i.e. AYBT, AAU, HFAA, PHYBA), Neighborhood Association groups, Theatre groups).

Class III – General Description

  • Any organization, which is not school related, including private, non-district and/or profit making groups whose interests are limited to the membership of said group (e.g. craft shows, art shows and recitals)