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Facility Use by Class I Groups (see above for classification)

  • A Class I group may be granted permission to use school facilities without charge if no fee or admission is charged for the activity. If a fee or admission is charged, then the school or sponsoring student organization will be required to pay any extra expenses necessary to stage the event, on a cost only basis.
  • It will be the responsibility of the principal to sign the building usage request form for use of the above-mentioned areas and to inform the Community Education Office of evening or weekend use of school facilities by a student group or organization under his/her direction.
  • School and student group activities, which are scheduled in conformity with the master activity calendar, will have priority over all other events.
  • School employees, (upon request), may use school facilities (except swimming pools) before or after regular school hours for recreational or employment related activities without charge provided no custodial overtime or other employee overtime is involved and provided such use does not conflict with Community Education programs and other scheduled groups.
  • Groups such as the PTO and employee groups, etc. may be allowed to use facilities for regular meetings provided they meet at a time when custodial overtime or additional personnel is not required.