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Facility Use by Class II Groups (see above for classification)

  • There will be a rental fee charge for class II groups using the schools.
  • Class II groups shall be responsible for paying for all custodial and kitchen help, technology personnel/equipment, sound/lighting technicians, and other additional personnel costs related to activities sponsored in school facilities beyond the hours those staff are normally assigned. In addition, the group will pay a utility/maintenance charge. A yearly application fee must be paid to reserve the school facility each fiscal year.
  • Class II groups will be required to observe all facility use rules and regulations as stated herein or designated by the building principal or administration.
  • Class II groups may be required to purchase insurance coverage for activities sponsored in school facilities, if requested or required, by Pinckney Community Schools.
  • Class II groups charging an admission fee to generate a profit for the group’s own benefit will incur an application fee, a rental fee, and utility/maintenance fee as determined by the nature of the event.
  • If using the high school auditorium or the Jane Tasch Theatre, there will be an additional $.50 per ticket charge as an equipment replacement fee. This fee is to be paid to Pinckney Community Schools.