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Fees and Charges for Use of School Facilities

These charges have been computed to cover costs in excess of normal operations.

  • Cancellation Fee
    • A cancellation-processing fee will be charged of groups classified as Class II and Class III. A  charge of $50.00 will be levied for each cancelled reservation. 
  • Facility Rental Fees
    • In addition to the application processing fees, facility rental fees will be charged to all Class II and Class III groups for the use of school facilities. The Administrator will make exceptions to the facility rental charge. A facility rental deposit of $100 may be required prior to final approval of the requested dates. Requests cancelled due to emergency situations will result in a full or pro-rata refund of rental fees paid or a re-scheduled, mutually agreed upon, date(s).
  • Custodial Charges
    • When a group or organization uses a facility during the time a custodian is normally on duty, the custodian will insure that the facility is properly heated, that lights are turned on, and that doors are opened for the group’s use of the facility. If services of the custodian are requested in addition to the above and if the custodian is called away from his/her regular duties, then the group will be required to pay the current overtime and benefit rate for each hour or fraction thereof that he/she is obliged to work overtime due to services rendered. If a group uses a school facility at a time when a custodian is not normally on duty, then all of the custodian’s overtime for the period his/her services are required shall be charged to the renting group. Any other overtime including snowplowing of parking lots and sidewalks incurred will be charged to that group. The user shall not directly pay overtime to any school employee. All custodial charges will be based on the overtime provisions of the current custodial contract and will be billed by the Community Education Office after the scheduled facility use.
  • Utility/Maintenance Fees
    • A group or organization may incur a utility/maintenance usage fee. The fee will be determined by the facility being used. All Class II and III groups will incur an hourly utility/maintenance usage fee. Class I groups may incur an hourly utility/maintenance fee dependent upon the nature of the activity. (i.e. athletic tournaments on weekends, fund raisers, etc.)
  • Pool Charges
    • Groups requesting the use of the pool shall pay all custodial charges necessary to operate the pool including the appropriate charges for pool personnel needed, as well as, the appropriate utility/maintenance fee.
  • Sound/Lighting Technician and Technology Personnel/Equipment
    • Whenever a group uses the Jane Tasch Performing Arts Theatre or the High School auditorium, a Community Education technology person and/or sound/lighting technician(s) will be provided at cost, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Cafeteria Assistance
    • When a group or organization needs to use a school cafeteria facility for the preparation of food other than general warming, a person from the cafeteria staff must be present unless other arrangements are approved through the Community Education Office. Cafeteria personnel assigned to cover cafeteria use will be paid per the overtime provisions of the current employee contract. The Community Education Office will bill charges after the scheduled facility use. A user shall not pay overtime directly to any cafeteria staff.
  • Special Charges
    • A charge of $40.00 will be made for transporting chairs from one building to another for Class II and Class III groups, plus staff time.
    • A charge of $50.00 will be made for moving platforms, bleachers or other heavy equipment from one location to another, plus staff time.
    • Arrangements for the use of public address systems, projectors, special lighting, etc. will be made at the facility where the program will occur. The Community Education Office will determine charges for the use of the equipment and operators.
    • Use of wood floor gymnasiums may require the user group to provide protective floor covering meeting the standards of the district. If the District provides a protective tarp, the rental cost is $100.00 per gymnasium.
  • Non-Specified Charges
    • The Community Education Director, in cooperation with the Business Office, may establish charges for use of facilities not defined herein or under unusual circumstances.