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Purposes for Which Use of School Facilities May Not Be Granted

  • Any individual, group or organization commonly recognized as promoting and advocating theories or doctrines intended to forcibly overthrow or undermine the government will not be permitted to use or rent school facilities.
  • School facilities may not be used for any activity deemed to be a nuisance by the Administration.
  • School facilities may not be used for moneymaking activities of an unlawful or doubtful nature. Moneymaking activities shall be confined to groups or organizations known to have a strong educational or youth assistance oriented program.
  • No activity will be permitted which may cause damage beyond normal usage (i.e. use of bats and balls inside a building).
  • No program or activity will be permitted which interferes with regular school programming.

Responsibilities of Principals and Custodians

  • Building principals, supervisors, and custodians shall be responsible for determining whether groups using school facilities have adhered to these Administrative Procedures. They are to report to the Community Education Office any incident, which they feel, is not in the best interests of Pinckney Community Schools.

Approved 9/ 22 /05