Dear Students, Parents/Guardians:
The information in the Course Selection Guide will assist you in preparing your schedule requests for next year.  In preparing your schedule, there are a few basic steps to follow.  Read all of the General Information first.  After reading all the general information, check the High School Graduation Requirements, and the Recommended Program section.  Then give careful consideration to your total high school program in light of your plans for the future.
To assist you in formalizing your plans for the future, the Michigan Department of Career Development has identified six Career Pathways for implementation in Michigan Schools.  Career Pathways are broad groupings that share similar job characteristics and requirements.  An easy overall reference of our Career Pathways Program can be found on pages 4-7 in this program of studies.
Through a series of school related activities, students are encouraged to determine a Career Pathway that best fits their goals at this point in time.  A selection of a pathway is not an unchangeable decision.  Students are encouraged to revisit this decision every year.  Assistance with career planning is available in our Student & Family Service Center.  For more information please call (810) 225-5603.
Parent assistance, guidance and approval are required as your child prepares a schedule of classes for next year.  In order to properly register, you and your student must understand the graduation requirements of Pinckney Community High School.  The requirements are listed in this “Course Selection Guide”.  If your student is planning on attending college, special attention should be given to the college entrance requirements.
We wish you continued success!