Michelle Sherman, LMSW

Student & Family Specialist

Schedule:  Mondays & Tuesday


What is a Student & Family Specialist?

The Student & Family Specialist (SFS) supports students in achieving success and growth in their social and emotional development. In addition, we provide support and guidance to parents and staff in creating and maintaining a school enviornment that fosters learning and student achievement.

We support students and families by focusing on a variety of topics including:

*grief and loss

*social and emotinal learning

*conflict resolution skills

*divorce/changing-family situations

*anxiety and stress

*friendship skills


Students are referred to a Student & Family Specialist through teachers, our building principal or parents when there ia a concern that a child's social and/or emotional nees are interfering with his/her academic performance. Students can also self-refer, obtaining a 'pink sheet' outside my office door and leaving me a note.

If you have a question or conern regarding your child(ren)'s social and/or emotional development, please contact Michelle Sherman (810)-225-6421 or msherman@pinckneypirates.org