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The Pinckney Community Schools accepts applications for students in grades K-12 during limited times each school year. For more information about the process please follow this link for the current information.

We appreciate your interest in educating your student through the Pinckney Community Schools and look forward to welcoming your child as a member of our student body.

Click here to learn more about the PCS Ambassador Team - a group offering to help parents and guardians get connected with the Pinckney Community Schools family.Ambassador Team - a group offering to help parents and guardians get connected with the Pinckney Community Schools family. 

Cyber Open
We had a fabulous turnout for our the grand opening of our the Pinckney Cyber Training Institute and Sentinel Center last night as dignitaries, business leaders and educators from around our state and nation witnessed firsthand the exciting opportunities we are able to provide our students and community. Many in attendance were impressed by the support and presence from our military, which included a presentation from General Michael Stone of the National Guard. 
What separates our program from many others is that the support is coming directly from the Department of Defense as our new institute is being talked about on a national level at both the Pentagon and White House. Because of this type of support, the possibilities for what this institute can provide in the future are numerous. In the upcoming months ahead, we will be offering several free workshops to our community that will provide an opportunity to visit the institute. As these workshops come available, we will pass the information on to our community. You can also check in on the status of classes/workshops offered by visiting our Pinckney Cyber Institute Website at http://pinckneycti.org/
Included is a link to an article from WHMI and a video message from Governor, Rick Snyder. 
Waves 2016

Waves of Friendship continues its 10th year with Rosa and Matilde from Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala.  They are pictured with Spanish 4 and AP who made miniature versions of huge kites that are part of the Day of the Dead tradition.


The PCS Website is getting a much-needed facelift. Some content may have moved, but everything that was on the site before is still on the site. If you know what you are searching for PLEASE USE THE SEARCH TOOL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

You may have already noticed, but there have been a few changes to the site. Some of the enhancements:

On October 6, the Pinckney Community High School Manufacturing & Welding Program visited three of their program sponsors to celebrate Manufacturing Day, which is a national initiative to bring awareness to job and career opportunities in the manufacturing sector and address the skilled labor shortage. 
Pinckney's program has been in the forefront of producing skilled students for the workforce and was recently acknowledged for these efforts as teacher, Mark Stein, was awarded the Program for Outstanding Quality Award by the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society in recognition of providing opportunities to our students upon graduation for college and career readiness.

Yesterday evening, we had the opportunity to honor and celebrate 23 of our New Tech students as they graduated from their internships with our business partner, Lowry Solutions of Brighton (http://www.lowrysolutions.com/). These amazing students completed internships at Lowry that involved creating computer images, distributing laptops throughout the state and country, vetting companies for financial integrity and organizing trade shows. Although we have New Tech students doing exciting internships throughout the local area (and even over seas), Lowry has become our biggest participant and has even created a department to oversee the internship program there. The testimonies that were shared by the mentors at Lowry confirmed the talent, knowledge, skills and character our students possess here in Pinckney. One of the mentors even stated that our students were "too skilled and smart" to be working at Lowry :-) The internship opportunity is just one of many great experiences our students have while attending Pinckney Community Schools. Great job to all as our students once again made us proud!