Nav Kindness

Liza Kapeller, Kayla Barkoff, and Emma Gendernalik, 4th grade students at Navigator Upper Elementary School, had the idea to create a school-wide program to promote kindness among students. They came up with the name "Kindness Kounts!" and created forms that students and staff can fill out about ways they show kindness to others or times they saw someone show kindness to someone else. Each week, these acts of kindness are read aloud over the morning announcements. Participation has been increasing over the school year and it has been wonderful to hear all the different ways that people show kindness to others at Navigator!

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Mrs. Golin's third grade class at Farley Elementary in Pinckney was thinking of our troops when they adopted a special forces platoon over the holidays.  The class collected donated items and made cards for these men and women.  Mrs. Lytle and Mrs. Kruk's classes also made cards and posters for the troops to add to the boxes of goodies collected.  They were able to fill 7 boxes of much needed cheer for a platoon that was in need.


Friday, January 9th, 2015 Pinckney BPA competed at the regional competition. The following students have qualified for the BPA State Competition based on their regional results.

Emily Wittrup
1st Place - Digital Media Production
4th Place - Graphic Design Production

Taylor Meck
2nd Place - Digital Media Production

Jacob Rickerd
1st Place - Computer Network Technology
1st Place - Systems Administration Using Cisco
1st Place - Computer Programming - Open Event

Adam Flickema
1st Place - Information Technology Concepts - Open
2nd Place - Computer Network Technology
3rd Place - Systems Administration Using Cisco

Austin Eckman
3rd Place - Computer Network Technology
3rd Place - Information Technology Concepts
5th Place - Computer Security

Torin Meinicke
1st Place - Computer Security
2nd Place - Systems Administration Using Cisco
3rd Place - Information Technology Concepts - Open Event
6th Place - Computer Programming

Sami Sinclair
3rd Place - Business Meeting Management

Wyatt Shoner
5th Place - Information Technology Concepts - OPEN
8th Place - Economic Reserach Individual

While the following students did not qualify for the state competition, their hard work paid off in giving them a top 10 finish.

Paige Sabuda
3rd Place - Small Business Management Team
8th Place - Presentation Management Individual

Holly Morgan
3rd Place - Small Business Management Team

Maddie Welch
3rd Place - Small Business Management Team

Ps Christmas

During the month of December the Porthole over at Pathfinder School collected gifts for a family in the local area for their holiday service project, the 'Giving Tree'. The students in the class displayed a tree within their store for the month and on the tree were labels with various gifts and necessities, allowing for all to come in and pick and choose what they wanted to contribute towards the family. Both students, parents and staff supported the Porthole's class mission, collecting an overwhelming amount for the family. The students even wrapped the gifts to help ensure that the family would have a wonderful Christmas.

Wax Museum

Throughout the school day at Navigator, students have the opportunity to learn first hand from their peers about many influential historical figures that have helped shape our world today. Fifth grade students portrayed the likes of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Wilbur Wright, Babe Ruth and Albert Einstein as wax figures, simulating a wax museum. They even provided a button to push that would make them talk! I was so impressed with the wealth of knowledge our students provided as it was even a great learning experience for me as well! Great job to all of the students involved and their teachers for making this learning experience possible for our school community. 

Nt Filming

Napa, Ca (DATE) – New Tech Network (NTN) announced today that Pinckney New Technology High School was selected as a national filming site for instructional videos. Pinckney New Tech epitomized a school with excellent instructional practices in PBL/PrBL (Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning) classrooms.

A video library of best practices compiled by NTN will feature those schools that exemplify effective instructional practices in Project-Based and Problem-Based Learning. Examples of instructional videos to be showcased are those that generate a project idea and include outstanding methods for helping students progress and gain greater independence in the learning process in large and small group workshops.

“We hear time and again from educators everywhere ‘I want to see great examples of Project-Based Learning’. The schools we are featuring in these videos have teachers who excel in the design and delivery of powerful learning experiences for their students,” said Lydia Dobyns, NTN President and CEO. Pinckney New Tech High will be featured in instructional practice videos that focus on relevant projects that model skills students will need in the real world. This process will highlight teacher led workshops, research protocols and assessment strategies and will be shared with more than 5,000 educators and leaders nationally. New Tech Network recently released its 2014 Data Report showing the high rate of college enrollment is evident in NTN schools in diverse communities across the nation.

New Tech Students:

  • Graduate from high school at a rate 14% higher than the national average.
  • Enroll in college at a rate 9% higher than the national average.
  • Persist in college at a rate of 83%.

The goal of schools in the New Tech Network is to create exceptional teaching and learning experiences that provide paths for students to gain deep knowledge in core curriculum areas, aligned with state standards, and to develop skills and competencies essential to succeed in college and career. One of Pinckney New Tech High School's Mission is to create a culture that draws upon intrinsic motivation to ensure continual practice of student-centered learning using technology, collaboration, and community/industry applications.  Another Pinckney New Tech's vision is to build upon the success we have obtained to create more opportunities for all our students through Project Based Learning and a ubiquitous integration of technology.

“We opened in 2010 and were immediately challenged with a new way to re-imagine teaching and learning. These past years, we have seen an amazing evolution of skills, as our students have become confident public speakers, insightful critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and collaborators. In conjunction with a strong curriculum foundation, these “soft” skills are essential for just about every 21st century career. Our students involved in New Tech gain firsthand experience developing these very skills, which will only enhance their chance for success upon graduating from Pinckney”. Shared Superintendent Rick Todd. Teachers in New Tech schools design rigorous, real-world projects tied to state and district standards and customize them to their location and the interests of students. The result: Students who are deeply engaged in learning and develop important skills such as critical thinking and collaboration.  First introduced in Napa, California in 1996, New Tech Network has proven successful across diverse student populations in urban, rural and suburban public schools. New Tech is emerging as one of the fastest-growing approaches to transforming high school education in the U.S. For a full list of New Tech schools, visit our website at

About the New Tech Network

The New Tech design is a blueprint, accompanied by a set of core beliefs, tools and strategies to help each school fulfill its purpose. New Tech design principles provide for an instructional approach centered on project-based learning, a culture that empowers students and teachers, and integrated use of technology in the classroom. Through extensive professional development, personalized coaching and access to Echo, a learning management system, NTN empowers principals, teachers, and students to develop compelling, relevant and meaningful learning communities.

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