Camp Skyline 2014

During the weekend of November 14-16 Pinckney Community High School hosted its 19th annual Camp Skyline Communications/Leadership Training retreat at the Emrich Conference Center.

Each year sixty students, thirty males and thirty females, are chosen to attend.  They are chosen because of their leadership in their own peer group, and based on teacher recommendations. There is the expectation that the school climate will improve as a result of the weekend experience with barriers between cliques being broken down.  In addition to the students, 15 staff members including administrators, teachers, and other staff members participate in, and chaperone the weekend. 

Camp Skyline is an intensive weekend for Pinckney High School students to learn communication skills and gain experience in reaching out to others.  It’s a time where they are taught new ways to have fun and feel good, and to support others in helpful ways.  The heart of the program is the small “skill groups” where students learn more about each other and share concerns, ideas, and feelings in a supportive and caring atmosphere.  The students also learn a lot about leadership in their own environment and one of our primary goals is for them to come back to PCHS and make a positive impact on their own surroundings.   Many students, after attending, have stated “This was the best weekend of my life.”

Pchs Qb

The Pinckney High School Quiz Bowl Team has made it to the semifinals of the "QuizBusters" TV show. It's aired on WKAR -TV at Michigan State University. They have won their first 3 matches against Hartland, Everett,& Owosso. Included in the picture are from left Kenny Behmer, Steven Gaston, Rachel Menosky, host Matt Ottinger, Tyler Root, and Coach Mr. Rob Dubay Pinckney High social studies teacher.

Farley Walmart

The teachers at Farley Hill Elementary in Pinckney were honored by the Howell Walmart as Livingston County Teachers of the Year at a staff meeting on Friday, November 7.  Walmart recognized the care, compassion and efforts of our teachers in this surprise presentation. They also appreciate and understand the personal financial contributions that teachers share with their students to create opportunities in the classroom. Because of this, each Farley Hill teacher received a $50 Walmart gift card to use toward the purchase of classroom supplies for students.


Navigator students from Mrs. Potoff's and Mrs. Molnar's classes were recently featured on a Detroit PBS program, Detroit Performs. The classes have been working to support an organization called Stiggy's Dogs. ( Check out the clip here:

Fe Wildlife Pride

Students at Farley Hill Elementary, in Mr. Wardlow's Third grade class has started a wildlife inventory. For those of you who don't know, Farley Hill Elementary is placed in the middle of a beautiful 20 acre lot, surrounded by woods and water. The third graders have strategically set up a wild game camera to track the different types of animals that visit Farley Hill's property. From tree frogs to white-tailed deer, their list continues to grow. Each week they research and learn about Michigan's native animals.


Ms. Ruggero's Spanish IV and AP students prepared and served breakfast at The Cristo Rey Community Center in Lansing. The annual trip provides PHS students the opportunity to speak with native Spanish speakers while volunteering beside them.

PHS Poms1

Three members of the PHS varsity pom squad just returned from a NYC tour through the Badgerette organization.  Taylor Antal, Marissa Moore and Tori Killingbeck were selected by audition this past summer.  They enjoyed dance classes with professional dancers at Broadway Dance Center, saw Broadway shows and many sites!  Memories of a lifetime were created.  They returned in time to participate in the squad's annual decoration of bags for Meals on Wheels.