Halloween Bags

Students in Ms. Scott & Mrs. Simpson's classes pledged to donate 1/4 of their Halloween candy to the Farley Hill food pantry.  They decorated bags with fall themes for needy families in our community. Overall they donated 89 pounds of candy!!

Bryanna Abby And Jakes Poster

Navigator Upper Elementary's 6th Grade Team Courage recognized first responders from our community in October by  sharing their cards of thanks, posters, and  a rap song to honor our local heroes.  The honorees which included fire-fighters, law enforcement officials, and EMTs were treated to  cider and donuts, while they watched a short video of thanks.  The idea for creating the video came about after a classroom discussion about 9/11.  Students wanted to celebrate the dedication of our local first responders.  The video was created by the students and their  teacher Mrs. Simon.  The event concluded with a few fun and safe Halloween experiments demonstrated by Mrs. Dewey and Mrs. Simon, with  the help of their students.

Nav Choir

Navigator School is excited to announce the newly formed after school Navigator Choir Club under the direction of Lisa Merte with assistance from fellow teacher Connie Mancini.  The group is comprised of approximately 80 children in grades 4-6.  As an after school group, the children meet weekly to learn new music and to sing for our community.  Attached in our first recording to honor Veteran's on Veteran's Day.  If you would like to provide additional financial support to this group or would like to request a performance for your community group please feel free to contact Lisa Merte lmerte@pinckneypirates.org.

Here is our video for veterans:

Farley Fall2

Farley Hill Elementary School in Pinckney hosted our annual PTO Fall Festival on October 3. Families enjoyed cider and donuts while participating in a good old-fashioned square dance with caller, Mr. Dave Smith. A local farmer, Mr. Keith Chambers, provided hay wagon rides, circling our beautiful school property during a spectacular sun set.

Molnar Pets DSC5498

Last year Mr. Tom McPhee approached 4th grade teachers, Beth Molnar and Catherine Potoff about developing some Good Pet Guardian lesson plans to address the American Strays project for his World Animal Awareness Society (http://www.wa2s.org/american-strays.html). Catherine Potoff and Beth Molnar created 8 lesson plans that piloted with their 4th grade team. The lesson plans encompassed: the history of the dog, human and canine companionship, how the economy works, how community issues affect community and animals, problems afflicting stray dogs in a large city, canine count and neighborhood dog survey, a stray dog's perspective, and what to do if you see a stray dog. The culminating field trip was to the Huron Valley Humane Society where they made donations, created bandanas for the dogs and toured the facility. Students also donated all of our stray dog perspective writing pieces and art work to WA2S to use as incentives for donations to the American Stray Project in the Detroit Public Schools. The lessons were very well received by the students and parents.They touched on many Common Core Standards, as well as the teaching of Humane

Click below to see the video.


Stiggys MG 1610

Students in Catherine Potoff and Beth Molnar's fourth grade classroom participated in a very special 911 Day of Service Grant.  Students worked in conjunction with an organization called, “Stiggy's Dogs”. Stiggy's Dogs is a group founded to support veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Stiggy's Dogs acquires its service dogs from the Livingston County Animal Shelter and then trains them to work with a veteran.

Students had Stiggy's Dogs come to visit and share their stories of animal and human companionship as well as the training process that is involved with the transformation from shelter to service dog.  Then, the children employed their artistic skills to create individualized fanny packs and coordinating bandanas to give to the veteran and dog teams currently in training. The kids used a patriotic theme for their decorations and then wrote thank you letters to veterans for their support in defending our country.

Lastly, Detroit Public Television came to film our classroom presentation of supplies to Stiggy's Dogs.  Our team is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of “Detroit Performs” on November 11th as part of a special Veteran's Day  edition focusing in on the impact that art can make in the lives of veterans throughout the community.

The children truly enjoyed their experience and learned significantly about the importance of giving to one's community.

Robotics 1

On Friday, October 24, 2014 at Cleary University in Howell, high school robotics teacher, Sean Hickman and high school principal, Dr. Jim Darga represented Pinckney Community Schools by receiving an award for Outstanding Program in which Pinckney's nationally acclaimed robotics program was honored by the Livingston County Workforce Development Council as part of the Michigan Works! initiative. The ceremony included many business and political leaders from around the county and state, including State Representatives Bill Rogers and Cindy Denby. It is another proud moment for the Pinckney school district and both Dr. Darga and Sean Hickman for their vision and leadership in providing this valuable opportunity for students in Pinckney.