A group of Spanish 4, AP and Spanish Honor Society students went to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Tuesday, April 26 with Ms. Ruggero.  They explained what they learned about the murals in Spanish, painted by Diego Rivera from Mexico, that show workers on the Ford production line in the 1930's.  They also practiced visual thinking strategies while viewing the works of art in the museum.


The High School Art Department is selling full-color calendars (designed by PCHS junior, Amanda Taylor) for $20. To order, please send an email to


Mrs. Palajac and Mr. Campbell would like to recognize the following Pinckney Community High School Band and Orchestra students for their superior performance at MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble on Friday, January 15 and Saturday, January 16 at Hartland High School. The following students earned first division ratings and have qualified for MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills.

Division 1 Solos

Emily Carlson
Sophia Coke
Katrina Gensterblum
Alyssa Griffith
Kyleigh Hall
Alex Hazelton
Alex Heath
Alexis Howard
Lydia Kapeller
Ryan Keough
Gabrielle Liddy
Taylor Nash
Michael Singer
Karl Swanson
Kylie Taft
Andrew Turner
Abi Wagner
Angie Wagner
Olivia Welling
Anna Wilmanowicz

Division 1 Ensembles

Riley McCullough
Alexis Howard
Casey Taft
Madeline Strong
Macie Toy
Sophia Coke
Taylor Nash
Madeline Strong
Kayla Griffith
Rachel Flickema
Casey Taft
Katrina Gensterblum
Anna Wilmanowicz
Sean Graham
Tytianna Wallace
Grace Kovacich
Alyssa Griffith
Kylie Taft
Emily Carlson
Alex Heath
Jennifer Heath
Nathan Wilburn

Congratulations to all of these fine musicians!

On November 12, fourteen PCHS students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.  They all have exceptional grades in Spanish class and have expressed an interest in the Hispanic culture.  
Officers Sarah Senne, Nathan Houghteling and Justine Lindquist inducted the following new members:
Holli Sharples, Nolan Houghteling, Sam Pierman, Allyssa Toth, Andrew Cortez, Joseph Bell, Brittany Bankes, Sopia Tessmer, Mariana Sierra, Alena DeLong, Allie Hayes, Hannah Kerns, Nathan Hughes and Emma Hultgren.
submitted by Vida Ruggero,

Spanish Teacher and SHH Advisor


At Pinckney Community High School, we are working to achieve the Pinckney Community Schools mission through excellence in the seven A’s: Academics, Attitude, Actions, Arts, Athletics, Acts of Service, and Activities. This initiative is called Renaissance. Renaissance is a national program that celebrates and recognizes student achievement, honors teacher and staff (staffulty) efforts, and encourages the community to get involved. Statistics across the nation show an increase in student and “staffulty” productivity and motivation, student graduation rates and additional family and community involvement through the Renaissance program.

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, Renaissance plans on doing a lot of wonderful things for students, staffulty, and parents. Our goal is to reward the efforts of the seven different A’s listed above throughout the school year.

Here are just a few examples of things we have done so far this year:

Staffulty wrote each student a welcome back sign for his/her locker.

Staffulty made a welcome back banner that was signed by the entire staff and hung it in the commons for the students.

The marching band played the fight song on the opening day of school as students walked in.

Every Monday morning staffulty lines up at the doors to welcome students back from the weekend. Some weeks the students are also welcomed with a treat to start their day.

Two of our students made yard signs for the beginning of the school year. As parents, staffulty, and students drove in to the campus they were greeted with signs that said “We’re Glad to Have You Back”, “Welcome to the World’s Greatest High School”, and “Make this Your Best Year Ever!”.

Every Friday, an administrator starts with an area of the school. They go from class to class looking for the first class that meets the following “H.A.T.” criteria:

H – Homework. Everyone in the class has their homework turned in.

A – Attendance. Everyone is in attendance for the hour.

T – Tardies. No one was tardy to class.

The first class to meet all of this criteria is awarded with a treat. These treats are donated by the following local businesses: Panera (Brighton), Little Caesars Pizza (Pinckney), and Wendy’s (Pinckney).

Staffulty and students at PCHS would love to have your help and support through your time, or with a monetary donation of any size, gift cards, gasoline cards, or merchandise is welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you would like to know more about what Renaissance is doing at PCHS, please do not hesitate to call for details. We look forward to partnering with you!

Biolit Trip

New Tech BioLit students took an onsite field trip to Honey Creek (the creek that runs through the front of our school).

BioLit Onsite Field Trip - Click for more photos

Pchs Fashion

Check out this great article about some of our incredible PCHS students: