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Welcome to Pinckney Community Schools!

If you are interested in a school tour or have questions about our school district or area consider meeting with one of our Ambassadors. The PCS Ambassadors are made up of parents and teachers from the district who know the schools and the area of Pinckney well. Members include School of Choice families, those who have transitioned from parochial/private schools and have hosted exchange students.

These Ambassadors are available for school tours and to answer any questions new families to the school district might have.

If you are new to the area or are considering Pinckney Community Schools please contact one of our schools today for a tour and a chance to meet with a PCS Ambassador.

Country Elementary (K-3) – 810-225-6600

Farley Hill Elementary (K-3) – 810-225-6400

Navigator Upper Elementary (4 – 6) – 810-225-5300

Pathfinder (7 & 8) - 810–225-5200

Pinckney High School and New Tech (9 – 12) - 810-225-5500


More information on Positively Pinckney can be found here