"I Can" statement


 Music  4th Grade Music

Rhythmic Goals  (focus of first semester)
I know what whole note/rest, half note/rests and quarters note/rests mean and I can count them.
I can play a rhythm on a drum while other kids play a different rhythm.
I can make up simple rhythms for drums
Tonality Goals ( focus of second semester)
I can match pitch when I sing.  
I can play high D, high C,B,A,G, and low E on my recorder.
I can make up melodies on my recorder.
Listening Goals 
I can name the families and instruments of an orchestra (second semester)
Life Skills
I can follow my teacher's directions.
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Technology  4th grade

I-Can produce a digital project aligned to the CCSS

I-Can use digital communication tools and online resources for group learning projects

I-Can use a variety of media and formats to create and edit projects
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