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While students and parents continue to enjoy their summer, the Pathfinder office is in full swing getting ready for the upcoming school year. Mr. Eric Ray is starting his thirty-first year in the district and his sixth year as the Pathfinder Principal. Returning for her third year is Ms. Lori Sandula in her role as the Assistant Principal. She is starting her twenty-sixth year in the district. Of course our front office staff of Ms. Stevelinck and Ms. Samborn are ready and eager to be of help to any parent that needs it. Also, Ms. Leslie Madill, our school social worker, is busy at work in making preparations for the upcoming year. We have also seen many staff come in to get their rooms organized for the year. We have had some changes to address. We had to say farewell to Ms. Dewey and Ms. McHugh due to both of them transferring to Navigator and also welcome one new staff. Since the hire is not official yet, we cannot reveal the name, but we will be adding a new addition to our math department. In light of this we continue to prepare for the upcoming school year so we can be ready to go for the first day of classes, which is August 27th. It will be a half-day. School will be officially in session at 7:35 AM.

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we are halfway into April. Now if only the weather would match what it says on the calendar. The good news is we are in for more warmer days and less colder ones. I believe!! 

PPress Feb-Mar 2018 pdf

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Hello Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe we are past the halfway point of the school year. Our second semester is under way. The students are settling into their new classes or have a fresh start in classes that run for the year.

PPress Dec/Jan 2017-18

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is upon us. With all that is going on around us we continue to work at providing your student a quality education.

We just completed our annual canned food drive. Along with Navigator we were able to collect about 2400 canned goods which will benefit the senior citizens of our community. I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Harris and our Choose to Lead class for taking on this wonderful activity.

Pathfinder Press Oct-Nov 2017 pdf format

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This is truly my favorite time of the year. I am a huge football fan (Go Pirates, Go Green, Go Lions, and ah, ok, Go Blue), but I also enjoy the cooler temperatures and the colors that the season brings. It is also the time when our classes are developing their rhythm and pace, setting the tone for the rest of the year. This is so important for our students since it establishes a consistent pattern that will set them up for success. 

Pathfinder Press Aug-Sept 2017 pdf format

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Welcome (Back) to Pathfinder!

While students and parents continue to enjoy their summer, the Pathfinder office is in full swing getting ready for the upcoming school year. It is hard to believe I am starting my fifth year as principal. Ms. Sandula is returning for her second full year as assistant principal. Final touches on the building and classrroms are being taken care of in preparation for the new school year. September 5th is the first day of school. It is a half day and students will be dismissed at 11:15. Otherwise, the full day dismissal time is still 2:45 on Monday – Thursday and 1:25 on Friday.

Here are informational flyers of some opportunities for summer camps. 

Click on the icons of the flyers to access the full size flyer.

Health Careers Camp

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MSU offers Engineering Camps                                             

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Camp Infinity is a Technology Camp for girls

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Shop Rat is an introduction to Hands on Engineering 

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