2015-16 Reproductive Health

Your 7th grade student will be covering Sex Education in Life Skills this school year. I typically teach this unit at the end of each of the nine weeks. It is approximately an 8 day unit. Below is a general guideline of each day.

  • Day 1
    • Unit Pre-Test
    • Physical changes of both male and female
    • Video: Puberty, the Great Adventure

  • Day 2
    • Abstinence
    • Video: Thinking About Abstinence

  • Day 3
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS
    • Video: Deadly Desires
    • Referenced handout: STI’s symptoms, etc.

  • Day 4
    • Teen Pregnancy
    • Video: I Wish. . .

  • Day 5
    • Pregnancy & Child Birth
    • Video: Human Reproduction & Childbirth
    • Video: Values & Choices Lesson 9 (live birth)

  • Day 6
    • Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, & sexual predators
    • Video: Confronting Sexual Harassment in School
    • Referenced website: Michigan Sex Offender Registry

  • Day 7
    • Sex and Michigan Law
    • Video: Let’s Get Real About Teen Sex & the Law
    • Referenced handouts: Please don’t abandon your baby! and Men, Babies & Michigan Law
    • Referenced website: Michigan Sex Offender Registry

  • Day 8
    • Family Planning/Contraception
    • Referenced handout: Comparing effectiveness of birth control methods
    • Unit Post-test

Each day students will have the opportunity to ask questions in class. The pre and post tests are anonymous and therefore not a part of the student’s grade. The information is used by the Sex Education committee to evaluate the progress of the 7th grade Sex Education program.

It is the right of the parent to request that their son/daughter be excused from the sex education portion of the class. You may contact the school office for an “Exclusion from Sex Education Request” form. When those topics become part of the day’s lesson in class an alternate assignment will be provided in an area of the media center. You also have the right to observe your student’s class.