Users may access available technology to facilitate learning and enhance educational exchange. Access to the Pinckney Community School’s technological resources is a privilege, not a right. All users of these resources must abide by the rules set forth in this policy, general school rules and additional rules that may be established by the District.


  1. Users are responsible for utilizing District technology only for facilitating learning and enhancing educational information exchanges based on District curriculum and instructional goals.
  2. Users must comply with District technology etiquette including rules regarding the Internet, the conservation of time, file space, and unauthorized use.
  3. Users are responsible for maintaining the privacy of passwords and are prohibited from publishing or sharing passwords with other system users without District authorization.
  4. Users are responsible for maintaining appropriate use of electronic mail. School officials reserve the right to monitor any or all activity on the district’s computer system and to inspect individual files. Users should not expect that their communications on the system are private.
  5. Users must not access, display or transmit pornography, obscenities or other material deemed inappropriate for educational purposes. The district maintains software filters that block access to visual depictions that are obscene, depict child pornography, are harmful to minors, or are deemed inappropriate for minors. However, the district does not guarantee that school officials will monitor or control user access to such materials or that users will not have access to such materials while using the District’s technological resources.
  6. Users are responsible for properly using and caring for District technology including hardware and software. Any use which infringes upon or compromises the legitimate educational uses of the district’s technological resources or which jeopardizes resource availability of other users is prohibited.
  7. Users are responsible from installation of computer viruses on District equipment. Users are responsible for using the virus protection software maintained on the network to further prevent the transfer of computer viruses to District equipment.
  8. Users must adhere to copyright and trademark laws and applicable licensing of text or files on the Internet, or from other resources. Users must also comply with all other applicable laws, both state and federal, with respect to their use of thedistrict’s technological resources.


  1. Users may be disciplined for violating any of the above technological responsibilities as well as other school policies or rulesdeveloped by the district. Users may be disciplined for any improper or prohibited activity including, but not limited to:
    1. using a computer ID other than his/her own;
    2. modifying or defacing hardware or software;
    3. improperly exiting established menus or applications;
    4. using District technology without authorization;
    5. using software prohibited in labs and classrooms.
  2. Users will be required to make full financial restitution for any damages or unauthorized expenses that the District incurs from violation of this agreement.
  3. Users violating any of the responsibilities may face additional disciplinary action deemed appropriate in accordance with the District disciplinary policy.

Limit on District liability: The Pinckney Community Schools makes no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, regarding the use of its technological resources, including but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delay, non-delivery or any service interruption. Furthermore, the district is not responsible for any damage to user hardware or software incurred from a computer virus or other malfunction of the district’s computer system or other technological resources. The Pinckney Community Schools shall not be responsible for any claims for damages arising from the use of the district’s technological resources.